Appendix E. Release Notes

Table of Contents

E.1. Release 13.8-24.1
E.1.1. Oracle Compatibility
E.1.2. plorasql Enhancements
E.1.3. MySQL Compatibility
E.1.4. Lightdb-x New Features
E.1.5. ltjdbc Enhancements
E.2. Release 13.8-23.4
E.2.1. Oracle Compatibility
E.2.2. plorasql Enhancements
E.2.3. MySQL Compatibility
E.2.4. Lightdb-x New Features
E.2.5. ltjdbc Enhancements
E.2.6. Add Reserved Keywords
E.3. Release 13.8-23.3
E.3.1. Oracle Compatibility
E.3.2. plorasql Enhancements
E.3.3. MySQL Compatibility
E.3.4. Lightdb-x New Features
E.3.5. ltjdbc Enhancements
E.4. Release 13.8-23.2
E.4.1. Oracle Compatibility
E.4.2. plorasql Enhancements
E.4.3. MySQL Compatibility
E.4.4. Lightdb-x New Features
E.4.5. ltjdbc Enhancements
E.5. Release 13.8-23.1
E.5.1. New feature
E.5.2. Optimize
E.5.3. Compatibility
E.6. Release 13.8-22.4
E.7. Release 13.8-22.3
E.8. Release 13.3-22.2
E.9. Release 13.3-22.1
E.10. Release 13.3-21.3
E.11. Release 13.3-21.2
E.12. Release 13.3-21.1

The release notes contain significant changes in each LightDB release, with major features and migration issues listed at the top. The release notes do not contain changes that affect only a few users or internal changes whitch mean not user-visible. For example, the optimizer may be improved in almost every release, but the improvements are usually observed by users as simply faster queries.