ltcluster cluster crosscheck

ltcluster cluster crosscheck — cross-checks connections between each combination of nodes


ltcluster cluster crosscheck is similar to ltcluster cluster matrix, but cross-checks connections between each combination of nodes. In "Example 3" in ltcluster cluster matrix we have no information about the state of node3. However by running ltcluster cluster crosscheck it's possible to get a better overview of the cluster situation:

    $ ltcluster -f /etc/ltcluster.conf cluster crosscheck

    Name   | Id |  1 |  2 |  3
     node1 |  1 |  * |  * |  x
     node2 |  2 |  * |  * |  *
     node3 |  3 |  * |  * |  *

What happened is that ltcluster cluster crosscheck merged its own ltcluster cluster matrix with the ltcluster cluster matrix output from node2; the latter is able to connect to node3 and therefore determine the state of outbound connections from that node.

Exit codes

One of the following exit codes will be emitted by ltcluster cluster crosscheck:


The check completed successfully and all nodes are reachable.


One or more nodes could not be accessed via SSH.


This only applies to nodes unreachable from the node where this command is executed.

It's also possible that the crosscheck establishes that connections between LightDB on all nodes are functioning, even if SSH access between some nodes is not possible.


LightDB on one or more nodes could not be reached.


This error code overrides ERR_BAD_SSH.