ltcluster standby unregister

ltcluster standby unregister — remove a standby's information from the ltcluster metadata


Unregisters a standby with ltcluster. This command does not affect the actual replication, just removes the standby's entry from the ltcluster metadata.


To unregister a running standby, execute:

        ltcluster standby unregister -f /etc/ltcluster.conf

This will remove the standby record from ltcluster's internal metadata table (ltcluster.nodes). A standby_unregister event notification will be recorded in the table.

If the standby is not running, the command can be executed on another node by providing the id of the node to be unregistered using the command line parameter --node-id, e.g. executing the following command on the primary server will unregister the standby with id 3:

        ltcluster standby unregister -f /etc/ltcluster.conf --node-id=3



node_id of the node to unregister (optional)

Event notifications

A standby_unregister event notification will be generated.